Attention Private Practice Owners:
The Best 72 Hours You Can Spend as a Practice Owner - Guaranteed!
Increase Your Revenue, Attract More Direct Access Patients,  and Discover Cutting-Edge Marketing Systems That Are Set to Change the Future of Physical Therapy
“I have more tools that I can take back home...which ultimately means I can help more people."
Eric Bull | Spinal Sport, GA
“I'm excited to see where this is gonna take us...I think I probably took whole notebook full of notes."
Donna Johnston | ErgoScience PT, AL
“If you’re sitting there going ‘I don’t feel in control of getting new patients in the door’…then you gotta get here to Bootcamp."
Tom Dalonzo-Baker | Total Motion Release, NC
Announcing the 14th
Breakthrough Bootcamp
April 5th - 7th | Phoenix, AZ
Three days packed with proven, no-bull strategies for serious owners who want to build an outrageously successful practice.
  • How to get and understand online traffic, and avoid wasting thousands of dollars
  •  How advance email automation can practically replace your internal marketing staff 
  •  How to build authority, celebrity and expertise in your community
  •  How to look at metrics correctly and make informed decisions to optimize your campaigns
  •  How to perform the “5-Minute Miracle” during workshops to instantly establish yourself as an expert in front of your audience.
  •  How to use Facebook to tap into the millions of potential new patients that are waiting for you to help them
  •  And so much more!
The best part is, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many intangible benefits that you can only experience by attending Bootcamp, that when utilized, will bring you tangible results.
And the best way to implement these strategies, is LIVE, with other owners holding you accountable.
ATTN: New, Overwhelmed or Struggling, Doing-Well-but-Not-Where-You-Want-To-Be, and ROCKSTAR Private Practice Owners...Who Want to Quickly Grow Your Business, Hire Amazing Staff, And Enjoy Life…OR Scale Faster And Leave A Bigger Impact…
From Chad Madden

Dear Practice Owners,

Would you like to bring a steady stream of direct access patients into your practice, month after month? 

Are you done dealing with slackers and ready to stack your staff with a roster of hard-working, highly-motivated superstars

Are you tired of relying on dwindling physician referrals, competing with POPTS, and operating at the mercy of a BACKWARDS healthcare system that treats physical therapy like a luxury instead of the single most effective form of treatment for chronic pain? 

  •  POPTS Practices, Hospital Systems, Big Corporate PT Groups and shrinking Reimbursements
  •   You Don't Have Any Time And Your Staff Is Too Busy To Implement Marketing Systems
  •   Your Practice Can't Run Without You, If You Take Vacation You Worry About What Might Happen
  •   You've Tried All Kinds Of Other Programs And Marketing... Nothing Worked
  •   There Are So Many Other Practice Management Issues That You Can't Work On Marketing
If so then read on...

I'd like to invite you to the Breakthrough Bootcamp this April 5 - 7 in Arizona.

In fact, it's essential that you be there. 

You see, there's a reason why some owners achieve a high level of success while others who work just as hard end up struggling.  The truth is, you don't need more of the same basic information that everyone has access to.

You need the exact steps and strategies that are working for ADVANCED owners, right now. 

And that's exactly what you'll get at Bootcamp.

We'll cut through all the noise and provide you with practical, actionable techniques and tools to build, market, and scale your dream private practice. 

 This event is proven by over 700+ practice owners to:
  • Stop Reliance On Physicians For Your Referrals
  •  Increase Your Profit And Income
  •  Teach You How to Treat Less, Automate Your Practice & Free Up Your Time…
  •  And So Much More...
  •   Stop Reliance On Physicians For Your Referrals
  •   Increase Your Profit And Income
  •   Treat Less, Automate Your Practice & Free Up Your Time…
  •   And So Much More...
Bootcamp Is Proudly Brought to You By:
Event Location:
Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix Delta Mesa Hotel
Bootcamp Begins In:
Here Is Just Some Of What You'll Discover...
Standard Sessions
How To Build A Killer Patient Funnel: In this session you’ll implement systems that prevent you from having “leaky patient funnel”... Derrick Hines Doubled His Patient Volume Implementing Tactics Only From This Session 
Killer Past Patient Direct Access Marketing: How To Get More Patients Consistently Referring Patients...And The One Marketing Tactic Responsible For The Most New Patients At The Lowest Cost To All Of Our Members…
How To Attract Direct Access Patients From The General Public With Killer Workshops: This session has started a revolution in private practice and has completely FREED many owners from relying on physicians and created insane growth in practices all over the world…
Email Marketing That Gets You Patients: Learn the shocking mistakes most owners are making with email and learn simple campaigns that have gotten several owners over numerous patients with ONE email. 
Facebook Is Currently The Cheapest Way To Attract Patients In The General Public And How You Can Tap Into It 
Advanced Automation And Paid Online Marketing Strategies - Carl Mattiola - Ex-Tesla Head Of Online Marketing Shows You How You Can Automatically Get Patients And Scale Faster Than You’ve Ever Dreamed. WARNING: Only For Advanced Owner Ready To Scale. 
*Schedule subject to change
Why 2019 Will Be Your Best Year Yet...

This Is How To Make 2019 Your Best Year EVER!
We want to put an end to the distractions... the wishing... the doubting...the un-acted upon dreams - because the truth is, you don't have to just watch, you can experience bold business breakthroughs too.

There is simply nothing out there that can give you the results that the Breakthrough Bootcamp will give you...

If you want 2019 to be the best year of your practice… then come to bootcamp.
Before I had so many questions about the details and problems I’ve come across with implementation and After I feel like I have a whole notebook of solutions, suggestions, and pearls to help. I also feel better connected to other PT’s and owners. 
-Chris De Caro
What People Have to Say About Bootcamp...
You became a private practice owner for a want to make a direct believe in want to help as many patients as possible… you want to be a hero in your community and you family.

You believe the marketing is the fastest way to do so...

That's exactly why the FAST Implementation Bootcamp was created.

Your shortcut to the practice (and lifestyle) you've been dreaming of can start right here at this bootcamp....
There Is Simply No Substitute...
NeThere is simply no substitute for spending focused time, LIVE and IN PERSON with us as we hand deliver the unique strategies and maneuvers that whip sluggish practices into shape, jumpstart you to more profits and set your business up for long-term success.

What if we worked with you for 3 days, face to face, dumping our brains, answering your questions and holding your hand through the process of building your ideal practice?

Would that solve something for you?

Now we are not going to claim that you'll get the same results as anyone else... BUT what we can say is that nothing will change just sitting at home!

Thats why you MUST come to our next bootcamp in Phoenix!
I Get It...You Don’t Have Enough Time… 
You Don’t Have Enough Time… When you are stuck in the day-to-day at your practice it can be impossible to work on marketing and to work on your business. 

It’s a tall order to leave your practice alone for 3 days. 

You have to set up everything to make sure it doesn't go to hell in a hand basket while you’re away… 

You’re busy treating, dealing with staff, and fighting problems as they come up. You know you need to dedicate more time to it but it’s nearly impossible with everything going on in the practice. And on top of it there are so many different things to try… 

Here is a different way to look at it… 

What if this doesn't take time away from your practice but instead adds it back?

This bootcamp takes the guesswork out of it and shows you exactly what to implement and in what order. It’s simple enough for you or your staff to take it and run with it without very limited time.

Allowing you to set the stage for 2019 to be the year that you were finally able to free up your treatment hours, work on your business and finally gain the freedom to spend more time with your family.

Maybe You're A Little "Stuck"....
Maybe you are a little stuck not know what to implement in your practice to give you the "push" you need to grow...

Bootcamp was carefully designed start-to-finish to the put actionable items into your hands that are EXACTLY what you need to IMPLEMENT... right now, so that you can quickly and easily put your business on track for immediate and fast growth. 

You will get access to office hours with over-the-shoulder help from the team so you can access our brain trust and then return to you practice Monday morning with confidence know that you have a clear plan to grow your practice for 2019.

Some of you will not leave bootcamp needing to IMPLEMENT.... You will leave HAVING IMPLEMENTED some KEY systems....

We know that is a BIG promise. But it's one we are absolutely confident in making because we've helped practice owners like you do this again and again... 

In fact, this will be our 13th bootcamp running, and each one receives higher marks and praise than the last!
What Bootcamp Is NOT About...
This is not an overcrowded, "unintimate" circus. You'll be with me and the team for 3 straight days. We will share with you member success stories and a few All Star members may pop in to share their stories, and I encourage you to reach out to them after because I am sure they will be happy to share their advice with you.
This is NOT full of old or outdated information. I, first and foremost, am a practice owner. I still work in my practice but I also get to look inside the practices of owners just like you. I have been where you are and I know how to get you to where you want to go. Therefore my team and I are privy to more of what is working and what isn't working than anyone else out there.
This is NOT about filling your head with dreams or giving you a bunch of theory
The vast majority of what you'll learn in these 3 days are ideas, strategies, and tactics that you can take home and implement in your practice starting the next day. Each by itself is powerful, but when used together provide you with the arsenal to 2X, 3X even 10X your practice in the new year.
So... How Much Does This Cost?
The general public registration rate for our last event was $497/person, and we would say that is WAY too low. But it is our goal, no our mission, to make sure that every practice owner has the tools and strategies to build the business of his/her dreams, and we want to remove every possible barrier.

If we added up the day rate for a private day with me, we would be well over $15,000 but you won't pay anywhere close to that when you attend Bootcamp and get direct access to me and the entire Breakthrough team. 

Register Now - Seats and Discounted Rooms are filling up fast!
Regular Pricing - SOld OUT!
  • Full Access to All General Sessions
  • Qualified Breakout Sessions

DOOR PRicing
  • Full Access to All General Sessions
  • Qualified Breakout Sessions

Registration is LIMITED to 200 People!
You need to act fast. There are only 200 total seats available.

Once you register, you'll be notified of the exact hotel details, but hurry. Due to the intense, "hands-on" nature of this event...where you WILL be producing "take-to-the-bank' materials for your business, seating must be limited to 200. This is a HARD and FAST upper limit. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Don't miss your chance to experience a unique, live, in-person training.

This Is More Than Just A "Training" Event
Coming to bootcamp is your chance to experience the community that we like to ball "Breakthrough Nation." A community that stands for private practice PT and that is dedicated to helping as many patients as we can.

It's an opportunity to collaborate with your peers, rub shoulders with members from all over the world, geek out over physical therapy and most of all have fun...

You'll also be surrounded by members just a couple steps ahead of you… to inspire you and show you a whole new realm of realistic possibility.

Here's some pictures from last bootcamps...
Here’s Why This Is More Important Than Ever!
POPTS, HOPTS, and more competition… Private Practice Owners need to stick together and need to be able to control new patient flow on their own, without relying on outside sources…

Shrinking Reimbursements… As we continue to get paid less by insurance companies and margins get thinner… It’s a MUST not just to attract more patients, but to attract the right kind of patients

Keep Your Progress Going Throughout the Year....Growing your business is all about building momentum...momentum that keeps building upon itself....I do not believe their is anything in the world remotely close to this bootcamp for doing just that.
These Are The Only Marketing Systems Proven To Work In Over 800 Practices Across The WORLD with Before and After Metrics… 
We know that trying to do this all on your own, while you're also trying to run a practice, can be difficult.

Alongside me, the Breakthrough team, and other experienced owners you can have this proven marketing systems implemented in just 3 days. 

This should be a no-brainer investment for you, your business, and your life.

Please contact me or the team if you have any questions!

Dedicated To Your Private Practice Success,